X-Ray Taxonomy: Gameplay

Features/functionality within the game that determine or describe primary and secondary gameplay mechanics.

Tags are listed in the following format: tag_name - id - description


4X Strategy - 4x-strategy - Gameplay is focused on EXplore, EXpand, EXploit, and EXterminate goals as the player builds an empire.

Addictive - addictive - Gameplay that encourages players to play more frequently and/or for longer periods of time.

Arcade - arcade - Games designed for short, repeatable sessions that lack complicated gameplay features (typically incorporate elements of Action games).

Baccarat - baccarat - Games that allow the user to play the Baccarat card game.

Backgammon - backgammon - Games that allow the user to play the backgammon board game.

Battle Royale - battle-royale - Online multiplayer games that blend survival and last-man standing game mechanics.

Blackjack - blackjack - Games that contain blackjack.

Bubble Shooter - bubble-shooter - Match-3 type challenge games where the player must clear the playing field by forming groups of three or more same-colored bubbles by shooting a same-colored bubble at a group of bubbles/marbles.

Build & Battle - build-battle - Gameplay is focused on building up resources, bases, and armies to battle opponents (human or AI) . There is usually a strong emphasis on tactical thinking to progress in the game.

Checkers - checkers - Games that allow the user to play board games that utilize checkers.

Dungeon Crawler - dungeon-crawler - Dungeon Crawler games are a type of RPG in which the protagonist navigates a dungeon-like (labyrinth) environment battling monsters, solving puzzles, and avoiding traps.

Fast Paced - fast-paced - Gameplay emphasizes hand-eye coordination and quick reaction time.

First Person - first-person - Games where the primary character is controlled from the first-person perspective.

Idle - idler - Games that continue to progress with little or no player interaction.

Interactive Story - interactive-story - Narrative-driven games where the player makes decisions that affect the progression, direction, and ending of the narrative (i.e. "choose your own adventure").

MMO - mmo - Massive multiplayer online games where hundreds or thousands of players all play on the same server.

MOBA - moba - Multi-player online battle arena games where players work as a team to battle another team in an arena/battlefield.

Mahjong/Onet - mahjong - Tile and pair matching games like the Mahjong and Onet board games.

Marble Shooter - marble-shooter - Match-3 type challenge games where the player must clear groups of same-colored marbles by shooting a same colored marble at the group.

Match 3 - match-3 - Matching games where the player must arrange multiple identical pieces (usally 3 or more) together in order to clear them from the playing area. 

Open World - open-world - Gameplay where the user is free to roam the game world non-linearly and approach objectives at their own will.

Poker - poker - Games that contain the card game poker.

Puzzle - puzzle - Games that use puzzle mechanics to advance gameplay.

RPG - rpg - Roleplaying games (RPG) are games where the player takes on the identity of a a character in a well-defined fictional setting.

Racing - racing - Games where the user attempts to navigate and complete a course faster than other players in order to progress or win.

Room Escape - room-escape - Games where the player is 'trapped' and must solve puzzles in order to 'escape' and progress through the game. 

Rougelike - rougelike - Rougelike games are a type of RPG very similar to Dungeon Crawlers but further defined as having procedurally generated levels, turn-based gameplay, and permanent death of the player.

Roulette - roulette - Games that contain roulette.

Sandbox - sandbox - Gameplay characterized by a high degree of creativity in completing tasks and little to no objectives or the removal of restrictions imposed by normal gameplay modes ('sandbox mode').

Shoot/Beat'em Up - shoot-em-up - Shooting and fighting games where the user combats a large number of enemies by shooting or beating them up, while avoiding their attacks (usually played top-down or side-view perspective). 

Simulation - simulation - Games that at least loosely attempt to copy real-world activities with little or no defined goals. The player is allowed to control a character or environment freely.

Solitaire - solitaire - Games that contain solitaire-like gameplay.

Story Driven - story-driven - Gameplay is centered around a strong central storyline that guides the player through the game world as they complete challenges, quests, and/or fight enemies.

Strategy - strategy - Games where the player's decision-making skills determine their success of advancing in the game.

Sudoku - sudoku - Games that contain logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzles, often called Sudoku.

Third-person - third-person - Games where the primary character is controlled from the third-person perspective.

Tower Defense - tower-defence - The goal of Tower Defense ('TD') games is to defend or protect the player's territory or position by defeating or obstructing enemy attackers.

Turn Based - turn-based - Games where players take turns making gameplay decisions/actions.

Visual Novel - visual-novel - Fictional narrative-based games that employ text-based storytelling accompanied by static visuals.

Word Games - word - Puzzle games that use words as the primary problem-solving mechanism.