X-Ray Taxonomy: Features

Tools that enable the app the achieve its function.

Tags are listed in the following format: tag_name - id - description


Airplay - airplay - The app officially supports casting media content to Apple Airplay supported devices.

Amazon Alexa - alexa - The app supports the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Android Auto - android-auto - Apps that incorporate Android's developer framework to allow users to access app functionality in their automobile's infotainment system.

Android Wear/Wear OS - android-wear - Apps that can deliver at least some of their functionality on Android-powered wearables.

Annotate Content - annotate-content - The app allows the user to add additional information to content (text, image, video) within the app.

App Clips - app-clips - App Clips are a feature of the iOS app ecosystem that allow developers to present users with a reduced set of features from their full app to accomplish discrete tasks without needing to download the full app.

Apple Health - apple-health - Apps that incorporate Apple's HealthKit developer framework to enable sharing of app data to and from Apple's Health App.

Apple TV - apple-tv - The app is available to use on Apple TV.

Apple Watch - apple-watch - Apps that can deliver at least some of their functionality on Apple Watch (WatchOS).

Augmented Reality - ar-location - The app/game incorporates augmented realty to superimpose content from the real world around the user.

Auto Battle - auto-battle - Game characters battle each other automatically.

Baseball - baseball - App or game focus is on the sport of baseball or contains baseball-related content.

Bluetooth - bluetooth - Apps/games that utilize the bluetooth radio within the user's device to deliver a supported function.

CarPlay - car-play - Apps that incorporate Apple's CarPlay developer framework to allow users to access app functionality in their automobile's infotainment system.

CareKit - care-kit - Apps that incorporate Apple's CareKit developer framework to help users manage and understand their health.

Change Device Orientation - change-device-orientation - The app can be used in portrait or landscape orientation.

Change Tempo - change-tempo - The app allows the user to change the tempo/speed of an audio recording.

Chat - chat-messaging - Feature that allows users to communicate with each other or customer support directly via chat messaging.

Chromecast - chromecast - The app allows its content to be cast to a television that supports Google's Chromecast.

Color Picker - color-picker - Apps that allow the user to choose a color from predefined options, by selecting an area in the user interface, or by typing in the color code.

Curbside Pickup - curbside-pickup - The app allows the user to order ahead and pickup without entering the physical store.

Customization - customization - Feature that allows gamers to make cosmetic alterations to the game (characters and/or game world).

Customize Font - customize-font - The user is able to customize the font of the app content (font, size, color, etc.).

Cycling Routes - cycling-routes - The app has cycling-specific route directions.

Daytime/Nighttime View - day-night-view - The app can change its appearance to support 'dark mode' or daytime/nighttime optimized viewing.

Export Map Files - export-map-files - The user is able to export map files (kml, kmz, gpx) from the app.

Exporting - exporting - The app allows the user to export files/media/information created or manipulated in the app for use outside of the app.

Gift Cards - gift-cards - The app allows the user to buy/send/redeem gift cards.

Gift Registry - gift-registry - The app allows the user to create a gift registery.

Google Home - google-home - Apps that incorporate Google's Smart Home platform to allow users to manage supported home automation devices.

Guided/Expert Instruction - guided-instructions - The app uses experts to guide the user through activities or instruct them on how to perform the activity.

Guilds/Clan - guild-clan - Users can form semi-permanent groups to act cooperatively with other players within the game.

HomeKit - home-kit - Apps that incorporate Apple's HomeKit developer framework to allow users to manage supported home automation devices.

Import Map Files - import-map-files - The app allows the user to import map files (kml, kmz, gpx) to use in the app.

Importing - importing - The app allows the user to import/upload external files/media/information for use within the app.

Indoor Maps - indoor-maps - The app contains maps for navigating indoor spaces and structures.

Integrated Support - integrated-support - Apps that have an integrated support and/or feedback function to resolve customer issues.

Leaderboard - leaderboard - The app incorporates a leaderboard for the user to compare their performance/progress against others'.

Localize Language - localize-language - The app can be used in more than one language.

Location Based - location-based - The app serves content or provides part of its functionality based on the geographic location of the user's device.

Login Rewards - login-rewards - Gamers can earn in-game rewards simply by logging in or playing daily.

Lucky Spin/Scratch Card - lucky-spin-scratch - Random reward mechanism based on spinning a wheel or scratching off an area of a card.

Minigame - mini-game - Short games contained within the main game app that offer different gameplay and are typically less sophisticated.

Monitor Data - monitor-data - The app automatically gathers data and allows the user to monitor progress and/or trends in the data.

Motorcycle - motorcycle - Apps/games that incorporate motorcycle-related themes and features.

Multiplayer - multiplayer - Games where players compete against other users, not bots.

Music Videos - music-video - The app allows the user to watch music videos.

NFC - nfc - Apps that incorporate the Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities of the mobile device

Newsfeed - news-feed - The app contains a feed of content that the user can scroll through.

Offline - offline-content - The app or game can be used, in whole or in part, without an internet connection.

Offline Listening - offline-listening - The user is able to download audio content through the app for offline listening.

Offline Maps - offline-maps - The app allows the user to download maps for offline use.

Offline Reading - offline-reading - The user is able to download text content through the app for offline reading.

Offset Carbon Emissions - offset-carbon-emission - The app provides the user with ways to offset the carbon emissions from their purchases (directly or indirectly).

Order Delivery - order-delivery - The app gives the user the option to have their order delivered.

Parent Communication - parent-communication - The app/game facilitates communication between educators and parents or provides progress/usage reports on the child's activity to the parent.

Personalize Experience - personalize-experience - The app allows the user to customize the features and services to meet their personal needs.

Price Comparison - price-comparison - The app helps the user compare prices for the same or similar product/service across multiple providers.

Progress Tracking - progress-tracking - The apps allows the user to view their progress towards a goal.

Recipes - recipes - The app provides food recipes and/or the ability to save user-generated recipes.

Recommendation Engine - recommendation-engine - The app contains a recommendation engine to suggest other content the user may be interested in consuming.

Refer Friends - refer-friends - The app has a referral mechanism to entice the user to recruit people they know to use the app/service.

Reorder Purchases - reorder-items - The app allows the user to quickly reorder items that they've previously purchased.

Review Stats - review-stats - The app allows the user to review historical statistics on a game, player, event, or other performance based event.

Save Receipts - save-receipts - The app allows the user to save their receipts.

Schedule Transactions - schedule-transactions - The app allows the user to schedule financial transactions.

Scheduled Order - order-scheduling - The app allows the user to schedule an order for a specific date and/or time in the future.

Sharing - sharing - The app/game provides functionality to share content with other users of the app/game or outside the app/game.

Shortcuts - shortcuts - The app allows the user to create shortcuts for frequent actions or system locations.

Skip the Line - skip-the-line - The app lets the user order/purchase ahead and bypass the checkout line at a physical store to pickup their order.

Social Viewing - social-viewing - Feature that allows multiple users across different devices and locations to watch synchronized streamed content together.

Store Locator - store-locator - The app helps the user locate the closest physical store for the brand.

Street View - street-view - The app allows the user to see a street-level view on a map.

Synchronize Content - synchronize-content - The app allows the user to synchronize content with/across remote services.

Topographic Maps - topographic-maps - The app offers topographic map overlays.

Tournaments - tournaments - Time or event-based competitions within the game.

Trail Conditions - trail-conditions - The app provides reports on the trail conditions of outdoor recreation areas.

Truck Routes - truck-routes - The app has truck-specific route information (e.g. directions, weigh station locations, etc).

Voice Control - voice-control - The user is able to interact with the app via voice commands (e.g. search, speech to text, voice analysis).

Voice Selection/Changer - voice-selection - The app allows the user to customize the sound of the user's voice or the app's voice assistant.

Watermark Image - watermark-image - The app contains image manipulation software to apply a watermark to a photo.