What data does your SDK Analysis provide?

We have three types of SDK Analysis:

1. App-Level SDK Data

This data set gives insight into what SDKs are installed in a particular app.

  • SDK Name
  • SDK Function
  • Date and App Version an SDK was installed or uninstalled
  • SDK Activity Status: If an installed SDK is actively used or not.
  • Additional API Calls

*We provide this data for every free app in iOS, Google Play, and in Chinese app stores.

2. SDK Vendor Intelligence

This data set gives insight into the performance metrics of the companies who provide the SDKs (i.e. Tapjoy, Flurry, Chartboost, etc)

  • Total Installs
  • Total Uninstalls
  • Total Reach (i.e. the # of unique devices in their network)
  • Top Apps Using Their SDK
  • Install Base Analysis (i.e. how their total installs breakdown by category, rank tier, etc.)

*We provide this data for 10,000+ different SDK vendors across the Google Play & iOS App Stores.

3. SDK Usage Analysis

This analysis uses API call data to reveal which SDK features are being used by the app. It also discovers SDKs in use via API only. Because some SDKs offer multiple features, usage analysis offers a more granular understanding of how it's being used and where gaps may exist. Learn more here