How do you calculate your downloads and revenue estimates?

We have over 225,000 mobile apps that share their download, revenue, and advertising data directly with us. We use this data (which makes up over 40 billion data points) to build thousands of estimation models that accurately estimate download and revenue data for every app in more than 50 countries. We do this on a daily basis.

Furthermore, our technology and indexing engines scan the iOS App Store & Google Play every hour for every existing public data points, creating an extremely granular time series of app market data. There are 35 different meta data points collected hourly (rank, ratings, price, etc.) for each of our 50+ indexed countries.

Our data science team dives deeply into the inner workings of the app stores to understand how each metric drives user engagement and app performance. Building on our extensive experience in the mobile app industry, we develop advanced statistical models to provide the most accurate downloads and revenue estimates on the market.