Breakout Score

Our Breakout score is the only metric we offer which is predictive in nature (i.e. we are forecasting what we think will happen). The goal of our Breakout score is to determine how likely we think an app is to reach the top 100 in that category / country / store combination over the next 30 days. So lets take App A, which is the 400th ranked Game app in the United States. Our breakout score (which is a percentage) might read 72.5%. This means that App A has a 72% chance of reaching the Top 100 in the US Games category over the next month. That is super powerful, as being the top 100 in a given country / category is the pinnacle of consumer visibility (i.e. is easy to discover and will get significantly more organic new users as a result). Its important to note that any app which is currently ranked in the Top 100 of their category will have a 0% Breakout score, as they have already achieved the target rank.