X-Ray Taxonomy: Functions

Goals or desired outcomes that the app is designed to enable the user to achieve.

Tags are listed in the following format: tag_name - id - description


Audio Equalizer - audio-equalizer - The app allows the user to tune the sound profile of audio, either as an editor or during playback.

Barcode/QR Code Reader - barcode-reader - The app allows the user to use their camera as a barcode or QR code reader.

Call/Text Forwarding - call-forwarding - The app allows the user to forward calls and/or text messages.

Cooking - cooking - Games and apps that contain cooking-related content.

Create Barcode/QR Code - barcode-creator - The app allows the user to create their own barcode or QR code.

Customize Wallpaper - customize-wallpaper - The app can be used to customize the device's wallpaper.

Diagnostics - diagnostic - Apps that allow the user to understand diagnostic information from a device/appliance/vehicle.

Emulator - emulator - The app enables the user's phone to imitate another device or run software designed for another host system.

Financial Calculator - financial-calculator - The app has calculator functionality geared towards finance calculations (ex IRR).

Flashlight - flashlight - The app provides the ability to have the user's device function as a flashlight.

Learn Instrument - learn-instrument - The app contains content meant to teach the user how to play a musical instrument.

Locate EV Charging Stations - locate-charging-stations - The app can locate EV charging stations for the user.

Locate Gas - gas-stations - The app helps the user locate nearby gas stations.

Locate Parked Car - locate-parked-car - The app stores the location of the user's car when they park.

MIDI - midi - The app enables control over MIDI files and/or external MIDI devices.

Make Deposits - make-deposits - The app allows the user to deposit funds into their account.

Manage Bookmarks - manage-bookmarks - The app provides functionalities to create and manage content bookmarks.

Manage Invoices - invoice-management - The app has functionality to help the user manage business invoices.

Metronome - metronome - The app contains a metronome function.

Music Discovery - music-discovery - The app helps the user discover music that they may like.

OCR - ocr - The app has optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text off of images.

Payroll - payroll - Apps that allow the user to manage payroll activities for a business.

Photo Gifts - photo-gifts - The app allows the user to customize objects with their photos to order as gifts.

Podcast - podcasts - The app allows the user to listen to podcasts through the app.

Printing - printing - The app allows the user to print directly from their device.

Record Audio - record-audio - The app allows the user to record audio content.

Religion - religion - The app contains content of a religious nature.

Remote Control - remote-control - Apps that incorporate functionality to remotely control other devices or content being displayed on other devices. Also includes apps that allow remote control of their own functionality by external devices.

Reserve Parking - reserve-parking - The app allows the user to reserve parking at their destination.

Reverse Phone Lookup - reverse-phone-lookup - The app provides reverse phone lookup on incoming calls.

Scanner - scanner - The app allows the user to use their camera as a document scanner.

Screen Recording - screen-recording - The app can be used to record what is being displayed on the user's device.

Share Location - share-location - The app allows the user to share their current location with other people.

Transfer Money - transfer-money - The app allows the user to transfer money between their own accounts.

Walking Directions - walking-directions - The app provides the user with walking-specific routes and directions.

Widgets - widgets - The app allows the user to create widgets.